Cap'Mundo turns your Nespresso®* machine green

Coffee Capsules for the Barista

Fair Trade Organic Nespresso compatible coffee capsules with 3 varieties - Adenia, Biloba and Combawa. Biodegrable and compostable coffee capsules for your Nespresso machine. Adenia Biloba Combawa
The Haute Couture of Coffee Capsules

These are not your regular capsules you purchase in your local supermarket, but unique, truly premium artisan capsules.

Cap’Mundo takes pride in making artisan coffee, and is driven by the desire for perfection and honesty. We use processes incompatible with mass industrial production to make Cap’Mundo coffee capsules some of the best Nespresso® compatible capsules in the world.

Unlike most capsules, our capsules no longer hide in dull anonymity starved of colour and design. Each capsule is adorned with elegant labels and colours or is compostable and environmentally friendly.

Cap’Mundo assumes its similarities with the flair and expertise of French fashion's “Haute Couture”.

Fair Trade & Organic coffee

Cap'Mundo fair-trade organic coffees have been developed by working closely with local green coffee producers and with one objective in mind: ethical quality at all stages starting with sourcing, green coffee selection, roasting, blending, grinding, filling and packaging.

Cap'Mundo is committed to consistently ensure the highest quality of each cup of coffee. To preserve flavour the beans from each area are roasted separately by artisan coffee roasters using slow roasting techniques which allow the roasting process to extract all the aromas and flavours to their fullest and finest quality. It is only after roasting is done that the blending of our single origins coffee is completed to reveal the complexities of its origin and the subtle flavours that brings all the richness and diversity of the world's premium prized coffees to your cup.

100% Bio-degradable & compostable capsules

Cap'Mundo coffee capsules made of sugar cane starch are 100% Bio-degradable and compostable. The lids and packaging is made from recyclable materials and also is designed to be bio-degradable. Simply dispose of your used capsule in the normal waste bin and you will help protecting the environment.

Cap'Mundo capsules are compatible with all Nespresso®* machines currently sold in Australia and offer superior quality and compatibility in all areas compared with other third party capsules.

Cap Mundo Coffee Capsules - Compatible with the Nespresso System
Certified Fair Trade, Organic, Compostable and Biodegradable Nespresso compatible coffee capsule.